YMCA Endowment Fund

Become a member of the Heritage Club by making a donation to the YMCA Endowment Fund. 


Our YMCA is built on tradition and values and has been a cornerstone member of the community for many years. It is community based, professionally managed and able to meet the changing conditions of the future. Every day, the YMCA pro­motes the healthy development of children, builds behavior in teens, and shares core values with adults, families, and seniors of caring, hon­esty, respect, and responsibility.

Imagine the YMCA a generation from now. What might the YMCA accomplish if we all show our support today? What other investments would yield such a great return?
Your endowment gift helps make our community a safe and healthy place for youth, teens, adults, seniors and families. What you do today will make a lasting difference to the people involved with the YMCA tomorrow.

The purpose of the Heritage Club is to encourage thoughtful gifts as a primary means of building a strong endowment capable of providing lasting support for the YMCA’s mission to continue its service for generations.

Membership in the Heritage Club requires a commitment which now, or in the future, will add to the YMCA’ s Endowment Fund. In the case of a will or other deferred gift, the amount need not be revealed, but if one chooses to do so, it will aid our long-range planning.

There are variety of current and future opportunities to qualify for a Heritage club membership.

  • Gifts in a will or living trust may be personal property, real estate, designating the YMCA for a percentage of the estate
    or a specified amount.
  • Gifts of life insurance may name the YMCA as owner or beneficiary of the policy.
  • A gift of appreciated securities, property or cash.
  • gift of Pension Plan, IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or another qualified retirement plan with the YMCA designated as a beneficiary or a portion of funds remaining at death.
  • Required minimum distributions, (RMDs) and/ or qualified charitable distribution (QCDs) from your IRA are an excellent way to save taxes & gift directly to your YMCA.
  • There are some gifts that provide a lifetime of income and a future gift to the YMCA.

Because of your interest and support of the YMCA, you are invited to join the YMCA Heritage Club. This is not an appeal for funds now, but a request that you include the YMCA in your long-range plans. Of course in some si­tuations, gifts to our Endowment Fund might be more short term in order to re­ceive immediate favorable tax treatment.

For more information about becoming a member of the Heritage Club by making a gift to the Endowment Fund, contact Bruce Blanshan at

Christian County YMCA
900 McAdam Drive
Taylorville, IL 62568

You may also request information by returning the attached card from the below brochure to our YMCA.

YMCA Endowment Brochure 3-27-23


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