Wellness Assessments & Orientation

The Y cares about your safety, With every membership we give you a FREE orientation of the building and fitness equipment. We know it can be intimidating to use new equipment, so we will show you how to do it. Schedule your orientation and assessment at the Y’s Front Desk at 217-287-7271.



Teen Orientations

All teens ages 14-15 may use the fitness equipment after completing an orientation. Please stop by the Y today or call 217-287-7271 for available orientation times. Children 13 & under may not use the wellness center equipment.


Lost & Found

The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items and discourages bringing valuables into the facility. For sanitary and security reasons, articles found in the building can only be kept for a short time. Please check promptly if you have lost something, as unclaimed articles are donated to charity.



Facility Use Guidelines

General Policies

When families are at the YMCA, it is the parent’s responsibility to act as a role model for their children by obeying and respecting YMCA policies, regulations, property, and equipment. Youth learn by example and ideally the best role models should be the parents.

All YMCA members must scan their membership card upon arrival at the front desk. There is a $5 replacement fee for any YMCA membership cards.

YMCA Watch: If you see a person abusing the YMCA rules, please notify the front desk. Inappropriate conduct will be documented with person’s name, date of offense, and offense. The YMCA can suspend membership for abusing YMCA equipment and inappropriate conduct.

No form of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs and/or paraphernalia associated with them is allowed on OR in the YMCA premises.

Profanity, abusive language, vandalism, property damage, gestures, or misconduct or fighting between any person(s) is not allowed on or in the YMCA premises. Violation may result in termination of membership.

Youth 7 years old or under; MUST be accompanied by person 18 years of age or older when attending the facility.

All vending machine products MUST remain in lobby or concessions area. Patrons are not allowed to bring in into the YMCA outside food and drinks.

Street shoes are allowed in lobby & locker rooms ONLY. Clean shoes are required in all other areas of our facility. No soft, dark, or rubber shoes allowed.

Shirts and shoes are required when using the YMCA facility except in the shower area or Family Aquatic Center.

Whirlpool, Dry Sauna, Steam Room

Youth must be 16 years of age to use these adult facilities by themselves. Children ages 6-15 years of age must have an adult in the the facilities with them.  Children under 6 years of age are not permitted even with an adult. No diving, running, jumping, or improper conduct will be allowed. All participants must soap shower before using these facilities.

Jogging/Walking Track in Gym

Youth 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult. Youth must use the track for the sole purpose of walking or jogging and in the appropriate direction as posted. Youth must respect the rights of all individuals using the track. Running under or hanging off the curtains and the basketball pole pads, hindering users of the track, opening emergency doors, playing games and the use of any balls are prohibited on the jogging/walking track. Joggers and people walking must always be aware of basketballs and other participants using the gym. Youth under 6 years of age are allowed on the track with parent and must walk hand-in-hand.

Mezzanine / Dance Studio / Activity Room

Only YMCA members in an organized YMCA program will be allowed to use the mezzanine, dance studio and activity rooms. 

Teen Center

Teen Center is hosted on Friday nights during the school year. This is an event for youth in grades 6th – 8th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. The Teen Center is not available for building rentals.

Activity Center

Youth must be a minimum of 10 years of age to use the Gym area without parental supervision. Only youth 8 years of age and under may use the 8 or 9 foot baskets (yellow court). Youth 9 years of age and older must use 10 foot baskets. Any slam dunking or destroying of equipment will result in suspension.

Wellness Center

All youth must be 14 years of age and older to use the Wellness Center unless in a class taught by Y staff.  Misuse of equipment results in dismissal of parent and youth. Youth must be 16 to use the speed bag.

Special Note: Children 13 years of age and under are not allowed in the Wellness Center. This includes parents with preschool age or toddler age children. Those children should be in the Nursery room during our Nursery hours.

Racquetball Courts

Youth must be 14 years of age to use the courts without adult supervision. Dark soled shoes are not allowed and eye wear is required at all times. A complete copy of the Racquetball policy is at the front desk.

Men & Women’s Locker Rooms

Participants should bring a lock for their locker. We do not provide locks. Locks must be removed at the end of each visit. Locks left on overnight will be removed the next morning.

Youth Policy

All youth 15 years of age or younger, unless accompanied by a parent or in an organized YMCA supervised program, must leave the YMCA by 8:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. If parents have not picked up their children by 8:00 pm, all children must sit and wait in the lobby area until they arrive.  If a parent can not be reached within 30 minutes, the Y reserves the right to call the police for assistance.

Family Aquatic Center

Only Coast Guard Approved Flotation devices are permitted in the Family Aquatic Center. (The exception being those recommended in writing by a doctor.) Children under the age of 5 must have an adult within reaching distance of the swimmer. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult (18 & over) who is in the aquatic area. Soap showers are required before entering the aquatic area. Patrons must wear a lined swimsuit. A white t-shirt is the only color allowed over swimsuit to be worn in the pool. Only children age 7 and under are permitted on the interactive play area.

Locker Room Policy

Children of the opposite sex that are four years of age and older must use the family changing rooms located in the wet corridor.

Photos & Videos

Taking photos or videos in the locker rooms or restrooms is STRICTLY prohibited. Please report any violators of that policy to YMCA staff immediately.