Home school PE

The Christian County YMCA offer this gym and swim program for members and non-members.  Children will be grouped according to age and there will be land component and a water component each day.

This 8 week program is for children in grades K-12.

Next Session: TBA


Members:  1 child=$48.00,  2 children = $86.00, 3 children = $114.00,  4th children = $132.00

Non-Members:  1 child=$68.00,  2 children = $122.00, 3 children = $162.00,  4th children = $192.00

Families which have over 4 children will not be charged further.


Homeschool swim Lessons 2020

Swim lessons will be offered for ages 5-12 years on Thursdays, February 6-March 12 from 10:15-11:00 am.  Children will be divided up into levels for instructional purposes.


Members:  $32.00

Nonmembers:  $64.00