Christian County YMCA Kids

The Christian County YMCA will provide a fun, safe atmosphere while providing child care for your child(ren) ages K – 6th grade. Each age level will have appropriate activities structured for their group. The goal of our CCYMCA Kids program is to help participants grow spiritually, physically and mentally. The program also strives to provide challenging activities in both small and large group settings under the guidance of caring, well-trained staff members, and gives children an experience that lasts a lifetime!

At the CCYMCA, you can expect your child to receive: 

  • Quality care
  • Encouragement to develop to their fullest potential
  • Assistance with homework
  • Fun games and activities daily
  • A safe and positive learning environment
  • Character development

Each day the staff observes and interacts with children maintaining an environment that is stimulating and meets the needs of each child. Ultimately, in keeping with the purpose and mission of the YMCA, we strive to help children develop fully in spirit, mind and body. Some of our daily activities include: physical games, playground recreation, free choice activities, peer socialization, table games, arts and crafts, study/homework time, character development, and snack time!

Child care is offered at two locations within the county.  The Y bus will pick up children, ages K – 6th grade, at their respective schools – North, Memorial, Vision Way, St. Mary’s and the Taylorville Jr. High School and bring them to the Y. 

Taylorville Child Care Rates:

In-Person Learning: Weekly Fees

Members           Non-Member

Before School                     $30.00                 $60.00

After School                       $60.00               $120.00

Before & After                    $80.00               $160.00

 Blended Learning : Weekly Fees

                                                     Members            Non-Members

3 Full Days                                    $72.00             $144.00

3 Full Days & 2 Before School        $84.00             $168.00

3 Full Days & 2 After School           $96.00             $192.00

3 Full Days & 2 Before & After      $104.00             $208.00

Remote Learning Rates:  Weekly Fees

                                               Members            Non-Members

5 Full Days                              $120.00               $240.00


Pana After School Rates

This service is for St. Pat’s, Lincoln and Washington School. Call the Y at 287-7271 for details.

Care is Offered at Washington School until 6:00 pm

                                                  Members            Non-Members

After School                                $55.00               $110.00




Registration & Payment Procedures

Fees are based on when your child(ren) attends. You will be charged for the entire AM, PM or both sessions that your child(ren) attends. We do not prorate for time your child(ren) is present.

Registration Fees:

Must be paid before registration papers will be accepted.   $25.00 per individual or $45.00 per family.

Payment Options:

Prepay Accounts:

  • Is not an option at this time

Bank Draft Accounts:

  • Drafted bi-monthly on the 15th and 28th of each month.
  • No surcharges are taken out.
  • Returned drafts will incur a $25.00 fee.

Credit/Debit Accounts:

  • Drafted bi-monthly on the 15th and 28th of each month.
  • A 3% surcharge will be added to debit and credit card drafts.
  • Returned drafts will incur a $25.00 fee.

Tracking Your Account

It will be your responsibility to keep track of your account and the payments that will be due. If you would like to view your account balance at any time, please call the Y and ask for the Associate Executive Director or the Aquatic Director.


We will turn overdue or outstanding accounts over to Credit Collection Partners. We will turn accounts over if we have made attempt to bill you and your account is more than 30 days overdue. We are unable to make changes to accounts after they have been submitted. You will be responsible for past due balances plus the collection fees charged by Credit Collection Partners.


If there are changes in your schedule during the week, simply call the Y at (217) 287-7271.

Financial Assistance / State Assistance 

It is the goal of the Y that no one be denied the benefit of a membership or program participant due to financial limitations. If, for any reason, you cannot afford the fee, contact the Y for an application to find out if you qualify for financial assistance. Applications take approximately two weeks to process and must be filled out completely with all of the requirements fulfilled. If you choose to participate in the program while your application is being processed, you must pay the child care fees until approved.  Registration fees are not discounted with financial assistance and must be paid at time of registration.

The Y also accepts payment from Illinois State Funded Agencies. You will need to contact a case worker to start this process.

  • DCFS: 217-824-9649
  • Community Child Care Connection: 217-525-2805.  Applications are available at the front desk, but it is your responsibility to submit the application.
  • Work Force: 217-824-4838.  Must be a full time student.

If third party only pays for a partial week, then you are responsible for the remaining balance for your child care.

If you choose to participate in the program while your application is being processed, you must pay the registration and child care fees until approved.

Families cannot receive both State Funded Agency Assistance and YMCA Financial Assistance to pay for child care programs at the same time but YMCA Financial assistance can be applied to membership while receiving State Funded assistance for child care.