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New Board of Directors President & Members

Newly Elected Board of Directors President and New Board Members for 2020

At the 31th Annual Meeting of the Christian County YMCA, the Board of Directors unanimously approved the slate of officers for 2020 which includes Adam Vocks being named the new Board President, Jeff Robinson as Vice President, Jennifer Nagle as Treasurer and Raedena Ryan as Secretary.

Retiring board members, Clint Hoenstein and Dan McNeely, were recognized for their numerous contributions to the YMCA. “I am appreciative of these individuals who have given their time, talents and leadership in order to advance the mission of the YMCA”, stated Chris Weittenhiller. The YMCA recognized their service with the presentation of a plaque. 

Also during the annual meeting, the YMCA unanimously approved nominations and welcomed three new Board Members; Drew Peabody, Dr. Chris Dougherty and Tyler Nation will join the class of 2022.  

We are excited to see what 2020 has in store for us with our new board members and new president.



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