School Aged Child Care Program

The YMCA is prepared to offer childcare and support for the remote learning option!!

Registrations are still be accepted.   Preference is given to children whose parent(s) are essential workers.

We’ll be required to follow some specific childcare guidelines provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health that will change our curriculum and activities.  While we will not be able to offer a traditional program, we are committed to offering an enjoyable program in the safest way we can.  The changes to our program are outlined in the attached documents; following are some bullet points we feel you’ll be most interested in.

  • Children will be put into pods of 15 and have a space in our facility dedicated to only them. The children in this group will never change and will not inter-mix with any other groups.  Groups will be formed based on which school they attend, what group the school district assigns them for blended learning and with siblings.
  • The ratio of counselors will be 2:15 and the same counselors will be assigned to the same groups every day.
  • Because we are limited to serving only 75 children; 5 days a week will be the only attendance option, you will be charged for all weeks of the program regardless of attendance and the only payment method will be a bi-monthly draft.
  • Due to the required ratios doubling the number of employees needed, schools releasing at 1:30 daily and increases in minimum wage; our weekly fees have been increased significantly. We know childcare is needed, so we only increased fees enough for us to break even.  We encourage you to utilize the financial assistance options listed in the packet from the State of Illinois.
  • All YMCA staff will be required to wear masks. IDPH is requiring children to wear masks while indoors “to the extent practicable”.
  • There will not be any field trips, but we plan to rotate groups outside as much as possible; masks are not required outside.
  • We’ve been working closely with the school district and will be prepared to support your child’s remote learning in the blended learning scenario.

We look forward to serving your family and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or need clarification.



Chris Weittenhiller

Executive Director

Parent Handbook

Registration Form

Supplemental Packet for additional children in Family

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