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Red Cross Lifeguard Class

Red Cross Lifeguard Class

May 6th – 21st, 2019


  • 15 years old
  • 300 yards continuous swim; either freestyle or breaststroke with rhythm breathing, googles may be used
  • 2-minute treat with hands in armpits
  • Timed event: Swim 20 yards, surface dive 9 feet to retrieve 10 lb. object and swim 20 yards on back keeping both hands on the object and face above the water, exit water not using ladder under 1 minute & 40 seconds

Participants must pass all prerequisites and attend all times during course. Course Length: 27 hours.

Prerequisites Session – Please call to schedule a time at (217) 287-7271.


Class Dates + Times 

May 6th from 5 – 9pm: Covering professional guard and facility safety. 

May 7th from 5 – 9pm: Covering injury prevention, breathing emergency view rescue videos. 

May 9th from 5 – 9pm: Covering water rescues and spinal management.

May 13th from 5 – 9pm: Covering CPR, First Aid and Emergency O2.

May 14th from 6 – 8:30pm: Covering back boarding and extraction.

May 16th from 5 – 8pm: Covering multiple rescuer response drills.

May 21st from 5 – completed: Test Day.



This class costs a one-time fee of $180 for non-employees.

Fee must be paid when registration is completed and turned in to our Front Service Desk. 


Online Registration 

 Red Cross Lifeguard Class online Registration




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